This is the official site for Longmont Potion Castle information and details. LPC is an infamous series of telephone calls that have been described (by one of its participating record companies) as "the most absurd phone pranks on the market".

It began in 1987 when a teenager dialed a wrong number, reached a very annoyed man, and recorded the phone calls. The teenager's parents' answering machine made recording easy, although it made a "beep" sound every 10 seconds. The man's unnecessarily hostile response paved the way for the unnecessarily silly contention that "Nipper", among other nonexistent people, lived there. The resulting shout-attack remains one of the funniest and stupidest phone calls, ever. Listeners to these early recordings all agreed that full-length albums should be made. So, continuing on (with no excuses), the name Longmont Potion Castle was given with no explanation.

Cassette tapes were then released through mail-order, and generally received good reviews in more offbeat publications. A new answering machine/recorder (made by Tandy) was then acquired, one that did not beep. Also at that time, the recordings sometimes removed LPC's voice altogether, as it was often funnier to hear only the other person talking. These persons included military officers, meat cutters, and countless other individuals and businesses.

"Why don't these people just hang up?" is a frequently asked question. Answers may vary, yet the recordings themselves are enjoyable to make and timeless fun to listen to. Over the years, multi-track and digital phone devices were employed to even greater effect. The subject matter tackled in the phone calls became exponentially more random. And musical interludes, which got heavier and increasingly thrash metal based, were also featured.

By the late 1990's, "Best Of LPC" CDs were being distributed by larger labels, as was an obscure VHS video release. The 2000's were a time of even more activity, when 5 albums, a 7" EP, a DVD, and a Box Set were all released by various labels. By 2006, LPC was also performing live shows as a solo thrash metal "band". And in 2023, Longmont Potion Castle "20" was released as a 2CD/download. It is LPC's 22st studio album in 35 years.

Thanks to all who have expressed their interest in these recordings over the years. Thanks to Ernie November's, Kim's Underground, Frank Kozik, No Knife, Cattle Decapitation, Buck-O-Nine, Five Iron Frenzy, Rocket from the Crypt, Hound, Secure In Flames, Spazz, Meanface, Naked Aggression, The Orb, The Cows, Tit Wrench, Jimmy Eat World, Vandals, Sublime, 400 Blows, Hatebeak, Crom, Sebadoh, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Electric Six, Indian Jewelry, Puro Instinct, The Locust, Dysrythmia, Friends Forever, Amoeba Music, Deer Tick, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Krieg, Albert Lerner Trio, Lou's Records, Earthless, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco, Deerhunter, Screaming Females, Dirty Projectors, Daughters, Tennis, Trampled By Turtles, The War On Drugs, Weyes Blood, Bass Drum Of Death, Saviours, Mark Knopfler, Brother Russell, Volcano Suns, Mike Watt, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Longmont, Colorado.